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  • Date: 3 Feb 2019
Looking To Get In Shape This Year? Get A Dog!

Looking To Get In Shape This New Year? Get A Dog!

Looking to get in shape this Year? Well here’s why you should get a dog! A Study of Public Health has found that those people with dog companions on average complete more steps on a daily basis than those without. The study also showed that dog walkers move at a “moderate pace.” This means brisk walks, an increased heart rate and overall more intense movement throughout your day. They also have less “sitting events”, which means they lead an active. It’s important to remember that depending on the breed of the dog, activity levels will differ. If you are looking to get more fresh air with a gentle stroll, a pug or frenchie would be best as they only require a little exercise each day. If you are looking for a running companion then a dog such as a pointer or boxer would be better as they require more daily exercise. DOGS MAKE US FEEL GOOD! Without a doubt, dogs change our lives for the better (they just make us feel good!) but there are numerous other ways in which dogs can enhance our health. 1) Dogs have built-in social support. They force you to get out of the house, to get active and move (even in less than desirable weather). 2) Dogs can tell when you are upset and will do everything they can to comfort you. 3) There is some evidence that growing up with a dog can lower your risk to having allergies throughout your life. 4) Dogs can even help manage your mood levels and lower your risk of depression! Stroking a dog actually lowers your heart rate (and the dogs!) so it’s a win win situation. 5) Having a dog may even lead to making more friends throughout your lifetime as you meet people through dog walks, and dog shows. In fact, a recent study has found those with dogs are more likely to secure a date by sharing a picture of them and their pooch on a dating profile! How has dog ownership transformed your life for the better? Do you feel like you’re more active? Share it with us!

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